5 Axis Machining

When you choose Pulse Engineering for 5 axis services you benefit from the latest technology in multi-axis machining. Our machining technology includes a Mikron HPM450U with 7 pallets of automation as well as our newly installed Mikron Mill E 700 from GF Machining Solutions, with 75 Pallets of full 5 axis Automation, for the high accuracy machining of complex parts and components. When working with Pulse, we can offer you:

Project Management: we offer full product lifecycle or individual programme management to our clients, providing design services, testing, and guidance.

Design and Development: our team can research, design and develop parts as well as machine them, paying attention to aspects of safety, efficiency, and situational durability.

Redesign for Improved Efficiency: We can help you make simple changes in your design to maximise 5 axis machining efficiency and lower overheads, all while improving the quality of the design and assuring both safety and reliability.

CMM Inspection: Throughout part design, testing, and manufacturing, we can perform detailed inspections of your CAD models and 2D drawings to make sure all components are up to required standards and safe for use. We also offer Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) inspection.

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